Gathering Chi--- Date and Place

Anyone interested in taking a wonderful class to gather the energy to write?  I'll copy and paste Robin's note and if you are in the Dallas area on Sept. 19, please consider joining us----

My tai chi teacher is so excited I may have to tie him to a chair.  He wants to meet writers.  He thinks we are interesting people.  So he's proposed Sept. 19th in his school in Richardson.  Meet at 10 a.m. for lecture and practice of a short version of our form, then lunch and discussion, more review and questions, ending about 3:00 p.m. Those who want to channel the present energy can gather at my house for a writing session.  Cost about $90.

Julie, this is a fantastic opportunity.  He is a direct line descendant from China's third great tai chi master.  Remember how much trouble this was to describe for the Mayborn essay?  But that's correct.  After 8 years of study I can count on my hands the number of times I've been allowed to see him teach like this.  I hope it goes over well and lots of folks sign up."

If you would like to attend please contact Robin

Hope to meet you there