I've made some progress on my novel this week. Yeah!!  I've had a long stretch of thinking of scenes and situations and movement of the work, but very little of actually putting words down in the documents. Last week, though, my writers group had its reunion after a summer break. This is our second year of meeting, so we decided to up the game a bit. There are four of us scribblers and after a year of sharing our work and witnessing the only man among us finish two, count 'em, two books which will come out early in 2010, we agreed we can all reach a little higher.

We are sending each other some kind of writing: good, bad or indifferent, at least once a week to keep us on task. Let's face it, there are always other things you can be doing than hanging around your desk pushing words around. There's always laundry or cooking or raking leaves, and don't forget all the wonderful stuff on television. And, most importantly, don't forget books. After all, you can not progress as a writer unless you read.  Voluminously. So, there, reading books is honing the craft. Except when it becomes an excuse not to write. That is one sin I will admit to in public.

We will continue to meet in person once a month and at that gathering, hopefully, we will have polished our bigger works through the process of sending smaller pieces each week. I would like to be finished with a respectable draft of my novel by next May. That's 7 months from now. Now that I've said it, hopefully I will have enough of the diligent student left in me to complete my own assignment.

I don't know if I would have made any progress at all without having a group to share with and be accountable to.  So, thanks guys.