And Toto too?

And Toto too. Toto most of all.  Wasn't it Toto who got Dorothy into her predicaments in the first place?  Because Toto jumped out of his basket and ran in Miss Gulch's garden and tried to bite her, Dorothy was forced to give her beloved pup over to the soul sucking Gulch.  But he wouldn't be restrained.  He wouldn't give in to his  imprisonment, into the neutering of his wild-ness.  He broke out and ran to find Dorothy, who was bereft without him.  So Dorothy had to escape from her loving but unimaginative and conventional aunt and uncle who  wanted to keep her safe.  But Toto wouldn't let Dorothy settle for safe.  His energy couldn't be contained in safe. Off to Professor Marvel.  Off to instigate the tornado.  Off to being closed out of the root cellar.  Off to Oz.  Off to finding her strengths, her brain, her heart, her courage, her outrage. Off to uncovering the 'wizard' behind the curtain.  Off to becoming her self.

I'd like to go to Oz.  Or to Wonderland. Or to Cinderella's house, even.  Or to any of the scary/wonderful places from the fairy tales that have stood the test of time because they tell us the truths each of us needs to discover on our journey. And they get all this wisdom in two hours on screen, or the length of a bed time story to send us off on sweet dreams.

Dorothy's adventure-- her spiritual and heroic odyssey--is a necessary dive into life, a step beyond  fear.  She acts on the fierce love she has for Toto, who I was delighted to learn, has long been recognized as Dorothy's own animal nature and intuition; that inner voice that we are supposed to follow when we cannot think our way out of a problem.  Is it too much to suggest that Toto is a gift from God, an answer to prayer, a means to find our own yellow brick road when life is dull and predictable and just not enough? He is a natural force who gets us first into trouble and then out of trouble by following his true nature and letting Dorothy in on hers.

Maybe Toto is the real Wizard.

All these words to find the way to my point:  we live only a whisper of our life when we don't follow our deepest nature, when we let convention rule where our soul cries out for real.  Life will often provide us with tornadoes just to wake us up, shake off the dust, ask the necessary questions and see what we are made of.  We can hide in the cellar or we can spin around 'til we land in Oz.

Oz is as scary a place as it is wondrous.

But, what if Dorothy had given Toto over to Miss Gulch?  What if she caved to the scary lady's demands?  What if Toto had been so well trained that he no longer had what it takes to jump out of the basket and find his way to Dorothy?  Toto would have been 'put down' and Dorothy would have led a life of regret and longing for over the rainbow.