Crossing the Line

Somebody had to do it. So we volunteered.  With four Slimming World© comrades I proudly and cheerfully brought up the rear of the 5K “Dorothy’s Dash” for MS on Saturday.  Thank you, thank you.  No need for applause.

I had never been in a 5K.  Long, long time ago, I twice signed up for a twenty mile Walkathon.  The first year it poured so my friend and I found our way to the Statue of Liberty where we met up with a group of kids from the neighborhood and climbed to the top of Lady Liberty.  In soggy shoes and blue jeans heavy with rain, we climbed round and round the steep and narrow stairs just to pass by the windows in her crown and look out, very briefly, at a gray and soggy harbor.  You do that kind of thing when you’re 15.

The next year was clear and hot.  We made it to about mile 13 before our blisters persuaded us to stop.  So what did we do?  We walked around Battery Park, of course.  The blisters didn’t seem to mind a ramble as much as finish line.

I didn’t sign up a third year.

Saturday morning in Flower Mound, Texas was cold.  The afternoon before, the temperature hit 79.  So when they said it would be cooler in the morning, I was very glad.  I should have paid attention to how much cooler it was to be.

The wind was blowing.  I should have had a hat and gloves and a winter coat.  Nope.  A velvety zip up jacket, with a hood and pockets, thank God, had to do the job.  I was tempted to slither off back to the car and head home. But those other ladies reminded me to go and register and get my chip.  Once you’ve got a chip, you are committed.  So we walked.

The real athletes lined up first, the people with obvious muscles in shorts and tank tops (didn’t they know it was cold?)  An awful lot of professional looking runners were taking this 5K seriously. We fell in with the people pushing baby carriages.  There was a good size group of us in our red Slimming World© T-shirts.  We were women who have been defying the lure of cookies and creamy desserts for months putting one foot in front of another for a good cause.  Not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning. It wasn't long, though, before the rest of the group moved on ahead of us.  Way ahead of us.

The five of us passed the finish line at 58 minutes and change.  Yeah!!  A nice ramble in cool November weather where five women did what women do best.  We talked.

And that is the genius of Slimming World©.  Not only is the plan remarkable and do-able and full of common sense, it is social.  It is therapeutic.  It is fun.  We are in this together

Because we want to bring up the rear. (Pun intended)