Helpful Hints

Why are helpful suggestions so irritating? Ah, the deep questions I pose.

The subject of today's post was generated because my husband/web master (doesn't 'master' carry a sinister tone?) noticed in horror!  horror, I say!! that I have not posted to this site which he built and maintains, in a very, very long time.

But, but.... I have only lame excuses.  Alas and alack!!  Let slip the dogs of war!! (it is Shakespeare's birth and death day, so there).

Now, this husband/web master of mine has known me a very, very long time.  At sixteen I suppose I was still cute and  smart in a sarcastic/sassy sort of way, and, most of all I was a girl! (he went to an all boys high school, you see) so he was more than willing to overlook any faults I might be the proud owner of. (I know, that preposition thing.) And besides, who but he and other way too smart people, ever dreamed there would be a computer in every home.  (A loftier goal than a chicken in every pot, I must say.)

Now, in my defense, I would be willing to overlook his faults, if I could find any.  It's tough living with a saint.  An organized, highly productive and creative saint at that.  Add even tempered and genuinely nice, and look what I have to deal with!

The balance of the faults falls to my side.  I am messy, disorganized, ready and willing to follow any tangent that shadows my path ("Squirrel!" for all you "UP!" fans) and full of good intentions. (You remember, the path to hell is paved with them.)  And today, apparently, I am full of parentheticals-- I hope it's not fatal.

But, I digress.  Re: faults of mine.

Helpful suggestions are irritating because the one on the receiving end is usually quite aware of the need to improve and doesn't really need/want a reminder from the more perfect person.  Every time Grace Notes pops up (this web master of mine has arranged it so it is the first thing to pop when I open the net) I cringed.  I started out with good intentions, again, to post every week.  And for a long while, to my credit, I claim, I did just that.  Whether I had anything to talk about or not.

But here I am.  February 4th to April 23.  Not so much every week.  I have fallen off the regular posting wagon.  I promise to reform.  I'll take the pledge.  See you next week. I hope.