Frankie's Back

I was in need of a new wireless keyboard.  So, hubby and I visited the local tech stores and set about evaluating the right fit.  The right fit for Frankie's back, that is. Frankie is my puppy.  Well, he's three years old, but he is my puppy.  He started out as my dog, because he was a tiny little thing.  My husband wanted a real dog.  But I wanted a substitiue baby. We were empty-nesters and I wasn't ready for a completely empty nest.

I became Frankie's mother when he was a wee three and a half pound ball of blonde fluff.  He attached himself to my motherly heart when I first held him.  I mean, he rested his cute little head over my beating heart and he had me.  I was in love.  Now this was the first time I had fallen in love with a puppy.  We had had other dogs in the family over the years but they really belonged to the boys.  I was a caretaker, not their mother, or mommy, which is what I am to Frankie.

Silly, huh.  I used to think so.  But love changes everything now doesnt it?

Full disclosure: I have no resistance to cute. Each of my kids figured that out when they were toddlers. Look cute and Mom will melt.  Not the best parenting technique, but they all turned out to be loving and kind adults, so I suppose it's not the worst parenting technique.  And cute, they are all still cute.

Anyway, back to Frankie's back.  In the first weeks of Frankie I had taken on the habit of holding him a lot.  A whole lot.  So, when I sat down to work at my desk, I picked Frankie up and placed him on my lap.  I had already gotten in the habit of working with my feet up on the desk, wireless keyboard in lap, and back tilted in an oh so dilettante way that no one would suspect I was working.  This was not the first time I held a baby while writing.  When Katie was little and I was in grad school, she would attach herself, legs around my waist and arms around my neck and I would write terms papers reaching around her little body while attempting to pull off a scholarly bluff. Precedent. I already told you, I have no resistance to cute.

Frankie grew.  From three and a half pounds to somewhere near 17 pounds.  He's still little, given that he is half Dachshund and half small poodle.  He still fits nicely in my lap, but the keyboard has to fit on his back and balance comfortably for both of us.

Hence, the quest.  We purchased a lovely solar powered model yesterday.  When I tried it out this morning, it did not fit properly on Frankie's back.  Kept slipping. So, return and exchange register here we come.

Later that day: a keyboard that fits Frankie's back and my lap, feet up on the desk.

Now back to the novel I've been coaxing out of the ether.  Frankie, are you ready to work?