The Unexpressed Thought

I  once heard Richard Burton on a television interview say that his former wife, Elizabeth Taylor, never had an unexpressed thought.   Thinking that was clever, I parked it away in the rolodex of my brain.   Granted not a very safe place if I  ever wanted to retrieve it. I like to talk.  I love a good conversation.  My oldest son and I talked for two and half hours on the phone the other day.   We talked about music and literature and life. We covered a lot of ground, and not just the top layer.  It was great. I often judge the level of enjoyment of an outing or event by how much I enjoyed the conversation--- that's my idea of a good time.

However-- I don't  get the trend of  saying everything-- about anything anytime anyplace. The tsunami of words that washes over us everyday will surely wipe out independent, reflective thought if we engage in it.

Is quiet reflection out of fashion?  Is a reserve of thought and observation something which needs to be cured?

Here I am writing a blog and my observation of the day is that maybe we should keep some things to ourselves, to savor and develop, to reflect upon--- to keep our own counsel.  To know when discretion is the better part of blather.

Blather-- what a wonderful word.  I believe it is an Irish-ism, at least I hope so.  Coming from a people who can talk the snow off an iceberg or the green off a Christmas tree, even those blessed with the gift of gab had enough sense to know when to keep those lovely syllables to themselves.