O, fie upon thee, strumpet!

Charlotte Rains Dixon is a  writer, a writing coach,  and a dispenser of good advice.  She also has a great web site filled with all kinds of goodies for writers, like retreats and seminars and discussions. Today I am a guest blogger on her site Wordstrumpet (www.wordstrumpet.com), so please, pop on over. Funny thing about that name, wordstrumpet.  I was on the phone with my son, telling him the name of the site and he said, oh, words trumpet, like a trumpet for words. I replied, Ha! I always thought of it as word strumpet,  a strumpet, of some sort, for words.  So, naturally, I had to look it up.  It's a 14th Century Middle English term for harlot or prostitute.  Shakespeare used it in Othello  against  Desdemona,  victim of cruel deception by that villain Iago.

So, whether it is Trumpet or Strumpet, check out Charlotte Rains Dixon page.

Maybe she will let us in on the secret or maybe she will keep us guessing.

I am no strumpet, but of life as honest as you that thus abuse me.  Othello