I'm too old to care about being cool, though I like to think I never cared about being cool. Same goes for PC. Not as in personal computer, but as in Politically Correct. I disdain group think, I believe bandwagons and many causes are just opportunities to check your brain at the door and leave all answers to the loudest, brashest and most annoying person with a megaphone. I am a registered Independent, though there is some irony in that statement. I am Catholic, but with a strong streak of "yeah, but... let's look at it this way" coursing through my veins. I have always been a "feminist" but I refuse to go along with equating feminism with the right to destroy life.

Ah, see, there's the rub.

I live in Texas, raised in NYC. The big story here is the crowd, huge, massive, noisy crowd, cheering and hollering in Austin for the defeat of a bill which would have further restricted access to abortion.

What a terrible word. It sticks in my throat, it hesitates in my mouth before tumbling out. Abortion.

I am an advocate for women and women's health care. I know personally the difficulties and dangers of pregnancy and childbirth. I have four children and have been through life threatening situations with some of their births.

I realize that many women have no "choice" when it comes to sex. I realize many women are abused, physically, psychologically and emotionally. I know my own church has bullied women for generations against exercising any control over how many children they could bear.

I want to shake the men, whether they wear a suit or a cassock or torn up blue jeans, to just shut up when it comes to women and their reproductive lives, since even the most well meaning really knows nothing, not a thing, about what it is like to be pregnant, to give birth, to be the main, and too often sole, provider for that child.

But that's what "it" is. No matter how you would like to toy with words and play semantic games of what grows inside a pregnant woman, "it" is a child.

With all the celebrating and partying and reproductive "rights" rejoicing, let's be honest and at least remember that much of the truth.