Merry! Merry!


It's been a while and I don't know if I still have readers.  but I thought I'd check in, share a few thoughts, and say Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas and the yearly nonsense spouted about Nativity Scenes and the insipid Happy Holidays greeting we are assaulted with and how the entire national and thus, world, economy depends on buying lots of stuff for an event that no one is allowed to name, I shake my head. I wonder. Then I shake my head some more.

Now, I love Christmas. I love the lights and Santa and children touched by magic and mystery and hope and love. I believe that Santa and decorated trees in our living room, along with silly and sacred songs and big doses of imagination are a wonderful introduction to miracles and apprehending the Divine. Just as I am irritated by the nasty-no-fun-don't-put-Baby Jesus-in-the-town-square folks, I am almost equally annoyed at nasty-no-fun-don't-talk-about-Santa religious grumps.

But, mostly, I am irritated at the nasty grumps who bar the door to the Holy Family looking for a safe place to receive the Son of God. Talk about no room at the Inn.

When people state that the world is getting worse and worse, I would, in my reasonable let's not get carried away voice, say that we don't really know its worse, its just that we see the bad and the ugly all day long on our ubiquitous devices.

Lately, though, I have come to agree with the 'it's worse' folks.

There has always been sin and intolerance and greed and murder. There have always been crazed warriors who will try to make their argument with a sword and lopping off heads. There has always been killing of the innocents.

But. But. Public discourse in our country is downright nasty. I can hardly check in on Facebook without being assaulted by soapbox rantings and hate. The world seems darker. Life, more tenuous. Random acts of violence is the daily news.

But, again, but. Look at the face of a child, an innocent, beautiful child, and there it is. There it is. Hope and life and love. Divine power and Light. 

In our little cells of faith, of hope, of love, keep the light shining. The light that led the shepherds and the Magi to Jesus. The light that darkness cannot overcome. 

Merry Christmas.