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Here is what readers are saying about The Narrow Gate:

"In this deep and wide story of an Irish Catholic family’s struggles, Julianne McCullagh has written characters too good to be true and too flawed not to be. She writes of faith and family and the lies they lived with such a deft hand you will find yourself going back time and again to savor her words. Replete with all too human failures and forgiveness and writing that rings like a bell, this book is destined to be read by many. As for me, I simply loved it. No malarkey."   —Drema Hall Berkheimer

“One of those books I just couldn’t put down. Very strong characters playing their part through the generations. Truly a must read for Irish-Catholic Americans who have felt buoyed by their faith but betrayed by their church. The loneliness of the human condition is met head on by a people who just refuse to be defeated. A story of betrayal versus character; of strength borne of forgiveness. A real triumph!” —Richard McKeon

“I opened this book just to get a feel for it. I could not stop reading it. The characters pulled me in with their truthful stories of family life as it is and as we wish it could be. acceptance of the families we are given and of the ones we choose are blended together in this beautiful story of survival.” —Yvonne Wilson

“This book has the makings of a Best Seller. Heredity and environment infused with religious inconsistencies define the lives of three generations of an extended family. The calamaties and tragedies that plague this family are tempered by their affection, loyalty, and eventual sound judgment. ‘No man is an island entire of itself’ rings true as Rose internalizes the secrets of those around her and lets those secrets dominate her life. McCullagh’s intimate knowledge of her characters makes them real. I seldom reread a book, but I read this one twice, just to make sure I hadn’t missed any of her insightful one liners, as in ‘Rose crossed many lines because she didn’t know where the lines were.’ McCullagh’s writing talents are many.” —MM Meredith

“A spirituality shines in Rose Banfry's life, right through her dark valleys. McCullagh brings this to the work in a deeply convincing way that invites the reader into the character's psyche. Sometimes the words on the page glow because the author has nailed human experience. Sometimes it is because she has nailed something else, something closer to the divine element in our perception. And yet this story of a Catholic family is not told through a rose-colored lens, but grapples with the realities of life as Rose confronts them, whether she wants to or not. they reveal themselves, wanted or not. She does her best with a challenging set of circumstances.” —Robin

"I read the book in 24 hours as I just couldn't put it down. Such a reminder of the old adage "the more things change, the more they stay the same". No matter what era, what heritage, what religion we are, we all deal with the same struggles and same emotions. All of the emotions in this book hit me right where I am, where we all are. Great read!" —Kim Elizabeth Wall

About the book:

Rose Banfry McGuire’s world shatters when she meets a young man at her father’s funeral who seems familiar, though this is the first time they have met. When this young man shakes hands with her brother, Rose sees the resemblance, and the past thirty years of secrets and lies collapses into the stark fact of him.

The Narrow Gate is a novel of three generations of Banfry women who deal with scandal, shame and heartbreak. At the center of each of their lives is the Church, which they both embrace for its comforts and struggle against for its demands and its faults. Each woman must face the ultimate test of faith: Can I forgive?

About the Author:

Julianne McCullagh is a Mayborn Literary Conference First Place winner, has been published in Rose and Thorn Literary Journal, Ten Spurs Journal, is a Writer’s Digest Literary Fiction winner, wrote a series for Loyola Press, and has been a writing instructor at The Writers Garret, Dallas. You can read more of her work right here at

You can follow her on Twitter @JuliMcCullagh.

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